Startup 101 – How to get investor attention

Startup 101 – How to get investor attention

Sophie Nguyen

The first step of start funding your startup is to impress the investor with your pitch deck. According to Medium, you only have four slides to grab investor attention. It is extremely important to have a killer pitch deck. 

Do not turn your pitch deck into a long story. What to include in a pitch deck, you need to make sure it is short enough, clear and contain valuable information. According to Jordan Rothstein – an angel investor, the first key to create a killer pitch deck is keeping it “clear and concise”. The attention span of a VC is shorter than you might think. You might lose the chance from a few first sentences. As a result, keep your deck focused.

As you need to present your idea in front of investors, your pitch deck is basically a presentation. Thus, you need to make your presentation become attractive by presenting your information in an interesting way as possible. It is important to engage your audience (investor) and ensuring that their eyes are on your pitch. An eye-catching presentation of your deck is necessary.

Last but not least, you need to truly understand what you are talking about. How can you convince other people to believe in a thing that even you do not truly understand it? And how can investors let you use their money if you are not sure what you are doing? Therefore, you need to have a deep understanding of all the scenes behind your business, your market, your product, your users and so on. You need to give investors an assurance that their money is safe with you. Please do your homework, research before starting creating your pitch deck.

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