How to get your very first customer?

How to get your very first customer?

Sophie Nguyen

Have you ever wonder why people are not interested in your wonderful idea even though this idea solve people’s problem? There are several reasons behind this. This post will list some of the key problems to help you evaluate your work.

Clear your value proposition as well as your service

In the service industry, it is hard to show your customer your product when it is intangible. Your value proposition, which is your selling point, becomes unclear when customers do not understand, imagine about the product you provide. Airbnb is a typical example of the service industry. At first, they could not have anyone book room through their website. The problem turned out to be their users – the property’s owners- did not do a great job of listing their property. Pictures demonstrate properties ware at very low quality, and therefore, no booking guest can see what they were actually paying for. The value of the service and the service itself are not described clearly enough to get potential users’ attention.

Understand who your target customers are

Knowing your target customers is extremely important. Marketing your product with anyone you meet in the street does not bring you more users. In fact, doing so cost you more. You waste your time, money, and effort but not getting any return. However, deep information about target customers can bring huge returns. Knowing their gender, their age, education level, habit, hobby, interest and so on could help you come up with a brilliant marketing strategy to win the battle. This is the key point, which helps Dropbox win their first customer. They created a simple video explaining Dropbox and post it in the place that target audience convenes. Later on, this key point helpt company growth quicky as it indicated who could be potential users. The company let these potential users try their product for free and getting feedback from them. By doing so, not only was Dropbox known by more and more people, but it also helpt Dropbox improve its product and meet customer needs.

Care about user experience (UX)

Do you know the differences between Uber and traditional cab? When people think about the traditional cab, they think about stressful negotiation about cash, charge, meter, uncomfortable driver that they cannot complain, etc. Uber, on another hand, focuses on user experience. Their target is to create a comfortable experience for the user. And they were right. Tinder is another example of using UX to win the market. The addictive interface and easy to use make addictive UX and users become very active and stay with them.

A suitable marketing strategy

Marketing is a superpower what helps Startup to growth. All of the factors above will be used to make up a brilliant marketing strategy. LinkedIn is an example of a startup successful based on pure marketing rather than its product. Public profile SEO, localized targeting double viral loop, aggressive email prioritizing are some of the marketing strategies that they used from the beginning. 

Tinder used the image of hot/cool/attractive women to promote and attract the very first user. It is suitable for the value that Tinder wants to bring to its customers. And when there were few customers, “college by college” technique (same as Facebook) and “word of the mount” are strategies to help Tinder create and network effect and become popular. More and more people join it, which increased Tinder value.

Attracting more and more customers is the first step to achieve success. Obviously, it is not everything. Next step, startups need to think about how to keep these customers active and stay long with them. You need to stay patient and focus in order to come up with any strategies that gonna help you survive.

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