Generation Z – A generation lives beyond the box

Generation Z – A generation lives beyond the box

Sophie Nguyen

“If you have a passion, you have huge opportunities to turn it become true”

People have different ways of seeing the world, and subsequently, it changes the world as well as the way humans behave. They change it by music, business, art, and other movements. James Watt invented a steam engine, which started the Industrial Revolution I. This event changed the way people work, live, change people’s life. However, it took Watt decades to expand the power of his invention to all over the world. Let imagine he was born in Generation Z, who was born between 1995 to 2010, it might only take him a few days to let the world know about his innovation.

Generation Z or Gen Z have unlimited opportunities to live beyond the box. Form the earliest youth, they have been exposed to the internet, social media, mobile system, and other online platforms. These platforms make it is easier for them to learn, and express their idea and impact others. In the past, you need to create a detailed strategy to reach and influence thousands of people. Now, what you need is to create a status, a tweet on social media. It is going to reach thousands of people just by a click. Every Gen Z has their platform to stand up for their opinions and ideas. They now can brand themselves without the help of a hole PR team. This is a power that makes Gen Z different from other generations and puts them beyond the box.

Gen Z can pursue their passion at any location, any time with any identities, any level. In the past, if you want to have a career in music, you need to find a professional label firm. You need to full fill a complicated process before deciding if your music will be invested by the label and reach other people. Moreover, your image, your narrative are created by the PR team, not yourself. You are put inside the box. Things are changed now. You can grow and be successful in your bedroom. By a click, your music product can be easily seen by several people online. And they see your true identity, narrative, the true you. There is no limit for Gen Z the express their passion and opinions. Therefore, Gen Z has a strong ability to stand out. The world we are living in is rapidly changing and Gen Z is driving it. If you have a passion, you have huge opportunities to turn it become true

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