Do startups really need project management?

Do startups really need project management?

Sophie Nguyen

“In fact, project management is even more important for a startup.”

Project management refers to the planning, initiating, controlling, and motivating the team to achieve specific goals at a specific time. In order to do so, the project manager needs to deeply understand the soul of the project, the true goals, know how to achieve them, what resources company needs, and how long it might take. It sounds big, thus many people think that project management is only used for a big company with a complicated list of tasks and have so many employees. In fact, project management is even more important for a startup.

Resource allocating is a reason why startups need project management from the beginning. A smaller team is more concerned about utilizing their limited resources to create the best value for the customer. You need to have a strategic plan to use existing resources in order to achieve targets.

A person in startup plays several different roles from a content creator to a designer to a front end designer. Due to the cross-role, sometimes it is not easy to focus on one specific task and meet all the deadlines. This is why project management needs to step in as it will help everyone focus on their individual task, set the structure and timeline of the project and make sure that everyone works smoothly. More importantly, project management reduces stress and the amount of pressure that a team member has to deal with, which helps them be happier and more productive. 

Having proper project management is like building the foundation of your business. You can build up anything later on if the foundation is strong. In other words, having project management supports strategic planning, which will lead your company on the right path. And it is essential to the success of every startup.

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