Australian government grants for startup and SMEs

Australian government grants for startup and SMEs

Sophie Nguyen

“Startups and small business in Australia can always find support in government when they need”

If you are looking for some financial help, you might think about going for a loan from banks, meeting up with ventures. But have you ever thought of applying for Government grants? It might sound complicated with a long application process and tough competition, however, some Government grants are actually worth the time and effort.

CSIRO Kick-Start

Kick-Start is a program found by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) which provides matched funding up to AU$50,000 for startups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) for research activities to help grow your business. It also allows you to cover travel and accommodation expenses related to research activities, external facilities access and so on. 

Entrepreneurs’ Program

This program helps you access expert advice, big funding, improve their growth capacities and networks, engage them with researchers, foster innovation. Funds that are available for you can be up to 50% value of your current project. This program provides up to $250,000 for commercialisation project and up to $1 million for projects in other sectors.

Public Sector Innovation Fund

This fund provides financial assistance to Victoria-based business. This fund particularly supports tech-based companies within the public sector. Not only this fund strengthens innovation capability of the company, promote the project outcomes across the public sector, it also creates opportunities for partnership between government and businesses. A company can receive up to AU$350,000 fund by successfully selected. 

Enterprise Melbourne-Small Business Grants

This sponsorship opportunity is for businesses based in Melbourne, Australia, which provides financial support, free mentoring services from industry experts and training funds. Startups and SMEs can receive up to AU$30,000 and other supports from them.

Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF)

Businesses operating in the health and wellbeing industry have a chance to receive support from this fund. However, only businesses must be at the midst level if developing biomedical innovations and have AU$25 M profit in past to the first year are eligible. This program assists early-stage Australian biomedical companies to commercialise their product.

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