What Technology makes big impacts in 2020?

What Technology makes big impacts in 2020?

Sophie Nguyen

“According to Forbes, there are four technologies that are promising to enhance the efficiency of businesses and delivery valuable values to customers.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) – Conversational AI

AI has been becoming a big trend in recent years. One of the biggest applications of AI in business is Conversational AI, which refers to a virtual assistant to automatically communicate and create the experience for customers. Customer experiences are created based on clues in conversations with them. These clues allow us to analyze and identify customers’ emotions behind lines. Our responses to customers are different in different contexts. Thus analyzing conversation context is the most challenging in Conversational AI. However, according to Forbes, in 2020, advances in AI will allow them to overcome this challenge. 

Blockchain – Tracking transitions

Usually, blockchain is more familiar in banking, investing and cryptocurrency as it is the record-keeping technology behind bitcoin. However, according to Forbes, blockchain has the most promising applications than cryptocurrency. It can be used to solve tracking problems in sectors with extensive documentation such as payments, healthcare, insurance and so on.

Cybersecurity – Threat of the Cloud

According to a survey conducted by Cyber Security Hub, the threat of data storage gets attacked continues to grow in quantity and quality. Although there is a big effort to increase security from big companies such as AWS, Google, Azure, the vast data storage is always vulnerable. This threat is grown with more and more devices connecting to the hacked network. As a result, the data security solutions gain enormous attention.  

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is well known as entertainment technology. However, it is predicted to evaluating into interesting enterprise application in 2020. Besides entertainment, augmented reality can be used in education, navigation systems, advertising, and communication. Importantly, one of the main applications of augmented reality that is developed in 2020 is training. It can be used as a low-risk training tool for dangerous tasks such as repairing power-generating windmills in the high tower.

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